Create an account at Liberty Reserve is easy : no charge taken, do not need a credit card or a debit card.

- Step 1 : Go to Liberty Reserve site and click on the link Create Account.

- Step 2 : Now fill the form with required information. There are two stages of registration process, first you will be asked to fill out the data regarding the security access to your account after you click create account. The second input First name, last name and your email address.

Please note to use a valid e-mail or you may have trouble to use your account. Don't forget the answer of your "Security Question", you'll need it if you forget your password. Create your "Personal welcome message" It can be any word or phrase, it'll show every time you log in your account.

Then enter the turing number shown on the image, and if you feel that you have made everything right then click Agree.

- Step 3 : The next page will come up with your confirmation data, such as :  

  • "Password"- Your Liberty Reserve Password
  • "Login PIN"- Login PIN to access to your Liberty Reserve Account
  • "Master Key"- Confirmation Code for all transactions & To make any change of account settings
  • "Secret Question"- The Secret Question you chose
  • "Answer"- Answer of your Secret Question
Please make sure that you write down all the info from the red fields or print the page and save it or you can save the image to a secure place in your computer.

- Step 4 : Check your e-mail inbox (that you fill in the registration form). You will find there an e-mail containing your "Liberty Reserve Account Number". That is your "Liberty Reserve Processor ID". That is what you'll need to send and receive payments and make other transactions.

- Step 5 : Log in to your Liberty Reserve Account using the account number you received in your email. Login process contains 4 steps and it will require your Account Number, Password, Login PIN and Master Key. That's why I said that the Liberty Reserve security system is very well known because when you log in you must enter Account number, Password, Login PIN and Master Key.

- Step 6 : After you login you will be headed to the Last Stage of the registration. From the next times you login this page will not be shown, you will go directly to your account.
  • "Account Name" field : enter your account's name. Account names are shown when you send or receive payments.
  • "Company Name" field : enter your company's name (Its optional, you may leave it blank).
  • "Address" field : enter your street address and the house number.
  • "City" field : enter the city you live in.
  • "Country" field : chose your country of residence from the drop-down menu.
  • "State/Region" field : chose a state or enter "N/A" if you live outside U.S..
  • "ZIP/Postal Code" field : enter your ZIP/Postal Code.
  • "Date of Birth" field : chose your birth date with the mouse. Note that the date is in the mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • "Phone" field : enter your phone number.
  • "Mobile Phone" field : enter your mobile phone number.

After answering these personal information click Submit. Please note that you have to give your valid information in every question you answer.

- Step 7 : Congratulations! Now you have Liberty Reserve account.